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Thats the kinda results you can expect with our traffic.

It's fast, responsive, and hungry. 

Hey, Raymond here...

I'd like to bring an urgent message to anyone who needs super high quality traffic, delivered fast to their pages, from a proven and experienced vendor. 

You see...

It aint all rainbows and fluffy bunny's out there...

The industry is full of shady traffic suppliers who don't understand marketing, don't even own a list, and love to send "bot" traffic to unsuspecting victims. 

Allow Me To Help You Build Your List, Sell Your Products And Create Amazing Results Every Time

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You see, 

When you connect with us, you know straight away you are dealing with pro's who truly care about your results.

For example, are you getting these kind of results from your usual "run of the mill" traffic supplier?...

With Five Star Solo Ads you not only get a five star service, but also the highest quality five star traffic.

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Why Is Our Traffic So Sweet?

Our traffic is not just warm, but smoking hot. We put our traffic through a funnel that weeds out all the "non interested" leads and only spits out the red hot prospects ready to see your offer. 

Our list is constantly growing with brand new fresh subscribers that are desperately hunting for offers like yours. We keep our lists clean with only proven clickers and action takers. 

We deliver our traffic FAST. You wont be drip fed clicks or have to wait weeks for full delivery. We specialise in getting tons of eye balls in front of your offers at lightening fast speeds. 

Worried about traffic that simply can't buy? Worry no more because even on our standard "Gold Package" we guarantee that at least 90% of the traffic is from T1 countries. 

Simply select the package that suits you. We have packages to suit everyones budget and we guarantee your satisfaction every single time. Who else can guarantee that! We are only happy when you are happy and everybody gets the VIP service with every package.

500 Clicks - $410

GOLD Packages

Only $0.79 per click

Get Ready To Flood Your Offer With The Finest Traffic Around

MIN 90% T1 and 10% Over Delivery

After you have chosen your package you will be taken to Paypal where you will purchase your clicks. After payment, contact me straight away on Facebook using the "speak to me now" button below. 

200 Clicks - $154

Only $0.85 per click

Only $0.77 per click

2000 Clicks - $1520

500 Clicks - $370

If you can't find the package you are looking for please contact me below and we can tailor out the perfect traffic package for you - anything between 100 clicks and 2000+ clicks. 

Only $0.74 per click

MIN 100% T1 and 10% Over Delivery

200 Clicks - $170

1000 Clicks - $710

Only $0.82 per click

Only $0.71 per click

1000 Clicks - $790

2000 Clicks - $1380

Only $0.76 per click

Only $0.69 per click

Need A Custom Package Tailored For You?


We are ready to serve you today!

Remember to contact me if you need or want to discuss anything. We are here to help you succeed!

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